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Multiple Teams · Varsity Tennis Regional Match


Our fall team tennis season came to an end today with a loss against San Antonio Alamo Heights.  Our team played hard and did everything they could, but alas, it was not meant to be.  It has been a pleasure watching this team grow and develop as teammates and individual players.  Their skills just kept improving as the season went on.  They each play with a dedication and determination that proves that they have a desire to compete at their optimum capability each and every time they face an opponent.  Coach Oduwole and Coach McEachern are extraordinary coaches who really go out of their way to work with and encourage all of our kids as they face different challenges.  The spring season should be an exciting one as our coaches will continue to work with the team and prepare them for the next step in the road.  GO MAROONS!!


Regional Match 043 Regional Match 051 Regional Match 073 Regional Match 088 Regional Match 106 Regional Match 111 Regional Match 139 Regional Match 145 Regional Match 146 Regional Match 153 Regional Match 164 Regional Match 193 Regional Match 231 Regional Match 234 Regional Match 263 Regional Match 265 Regional Match 290 Regional Match 317 Regional Match 322 Regional Match 341 Regional Match 388 Regional Match 550 Regional Match 559 Regional Match 573 Regional Match 578 Regional Match 579 Regional Match 581 Regional Match 582


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Coed Varsity Tennis · AHS Tennis Wins Area – Advances to Regionals



GAME, SET, MATCH! That was the mantra for the day against San Antonio Brackenridge for the Area Tournament.  It started with our doubles and mixed doubles teams finishing their matches 6-1.  Rebecca & Owen, Natalie & Emma, Annabel & Ainsley, Jacob & Henry, Anna & Annie, Oliver & Brendan all had wins as we entered into our singles round.  With only four more wins needed, we were in a good position to come out victorious.  It didn’t take long for our kids to finish off those four other wins and celebrate the victory!  This will now put us in the semifinals at Regionals.  Our next match will be played next Tuesday, October 24, at 9:00AM in New Braunfels against San Antonio Alamo Heights.  Good luck to our Maroons!!


Area Tournament 043 Area Tournament 049 Area Tournament 084 Area Tournament 120 Area Tournament 126 Area Tournament 139 Area Tournament 145 Area Tournament 149 Area Tournament 162 Area Tournament 165 Area Tournament 171 Area Tournament 184 Area Tournament 258 Area Tournament 268 Area Tournament 271 Area Tournament 273 Area Tournament 279 Area Tournament 305 Area Tournament 308 Area Tournament 352 Area Tournament 358 Area Tournament 363 Area Tournament 387 Area Tournament 407 Area Tournament 419 Area Tournament 436 Area Tournament 453

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WE ARE THE BI-DISTRICT CHAMPIONS! Hustle and heart set us apart last night as we came out on top, edging out Kerville Tivy 10-8 in a hard-fought and well-played tournament. Our kids refused to lose last night and left it all out on the court. No obstacle stood in the way, including the lights going out on the courts at 8:00pm, leaving us in the dark during two critical matches. But when the lights came back on, our kids got back to business and sealed the deal! Coach Oduwole and Coach McEachern are bar-none the best we could ask for. Their superior ability to manage each player and rally the team speaks volumes with this win. All of the time and effort they have spent preparing these kids for last night paid off! Congrats to all — Coaches, players, parents & Austin High.  Go Maroons!!!! 


Bi District Match 076Bi District Match 064Bi District Match 058

Bi District Match 004Bi District Match 011Bi District Match 161 Bi District Match 159 Bi District Match 129 Bi District Match 109 Bi District Match 098Bi District Match 287 Bi District Match 269 Bi District Match 241 Bi District Match 212 Bi District Match 181Bi District Match 489 Bi District Match 471 Bi District Match 468 Bi District Match 374 Bi District Match 336Bi District Match 596 Bi District Match 591 Bi District Match 542Bi District Match 618 Bi District Match 606

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Coed Varsity Tennis · Tennis Information on Bi-District Match

The Austin High Varsity Tennis Team will play Kerrville Tivy next Tuesday, October 17 at 3:00pm at Dripping Springs High School.  This is a Bi-District match that will determine who goes on to Area.  Come watch our District Champs take on Kerrville Tivy.  Go Maroons!!

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Coed Varsity Tennis · Maroon Tennis District Champs!!!

Our district tournament turned into a 3-day event due to weather delays.  But these delays did not stop our Varsity tennis team from prevailing over our competition and retaining our title as District Champs for the second year in a row!!  We defeated LBJ last night under the lights and full moon of our AHS tennis courts.  Some epic battles were fought against a tough competitor, but in the end we reigned victorious with a 10-8 final score.

Our kids played their hearts out, and our coaches and spectators rallied together to cheer them on!  Congratulations coaches and players.  You deserve to enjoy this moment!district 2 002


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Coed Varsity Tennis · Update District Tennis Tournament

Congratulations on our 10-0 win tonight against Crockett!! Way to go players!

Tomorrow we will play LBJ in the finals. The match will be played at our AHS courts at 4:45PM.

We will be defending our title as District Champs so come watch and support our Maroons as we battle it out on the courts. Go Maroons!!

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Coed Varsity Tennis · District Tennis Tournament Update

Coach Oduwole has advised that we will play Crockett tomorrow at our AHS courts at 4PM.  As far as playing the final goes, we do not know for sure yet when or where but will provide further update once those plans have been set in stone.

The kids managed to entertain themselves during our rain delay today.District Match 024 District Match 015 District Match 010 District Match 008 District Match 003

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Coed Varsity Tennis · Austin High Tennis v. Westlake

Last night’s match was a challenge as it always is against Westlake.  We came away with 5 wins from the following players:  Annabel Merritt, Rebecca Jackson, Natalie Fowler, Anna Farris and our mixed doubles team Rebecca Jackson and Owen Plunkett.  Way to go!  This was our last regular team tennis match of the year.  Next week is our District tournament at Whittaker on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Come out and support our Maroon Tennis Team if you can!

Westlake Match 002Westlake Match 005Westlake Match 258 Westlake Match 021 Westlake Match 024 Westlake Match 062 Westlake Match 071 Westlake Match 050Westlake Match 082 Westlake Match 085 Westlake Match 101 Westlake Match 117 Westlake Match 148 Westlake Match 169 Westlake Match 219 Westlake Match 222 Westlake Match 270

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Coed Varsity Tennis · Austin High Tennis v. Leander

Another victory on the books for Maroon Tennis.  Last night we defeated Leander with all W’s across the board.  Congrats to Oliver for pulling out an intense tie-breaker!  All the kids worked hard and we are so proud of their team spirit.  We have matches next week on Tuesday at 4:30 in Round Rock and on Friday against Westlake at 4:00 at AHS courts.

Varsity Tennis Team After the match Annie Kepple Olivia Tudor Rebecca Jackson Brendan Kolerich Anna Farris Oliver Plunkett Eli Dominquez Oliver Johnson Ainsley Merritt Joe Bryant Oliver Johnson Holden Davis Natalie Fowler Henry & Jett Annabel Merritt Jacob Dominquez

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Coed Varsity Tennis · Austin High Tennis v. Connally

Last night’s matches against Connally were so close but the Maroons pulled out a victory of 11-8.  Congrats to our players and coaches!


Connally Match 009 Connally Match 038 Connally Match 045 Connally Match 055 Connally Match 068 Connally Match 156 Connally Match 198 Connally Match 208 Connally Match 245 Connally Match 262 Connally Match 321 Connally Match 346 Connally Match 401 Connally Match 476